This document describes from A to Z all the information you need to know for the Nonspeaking CommUnity Consortium (NCC) inaugural Motormorphosis 2017 Conference. Please familiarize yourself with these policies, guidelines, and services before arrival.

Accessibility for Registrants with Disabilities

NCC aims to provide an outstanding experience for all conference participants. The conference has been designed with the input of nonspeaking individuals, and a number of features have been added in consideration of the needs of individuals with sensory, communication, social, and movement differences. NCC will work to accommodate all reasonable accessibility requests that are made by July 19, 2017 to Late and onsite requests will be accommodated to the best of our ability.

Accessibility of Presentations

Presenters are encouraged to present in a variety of formats to ensure content is accessible to all attendees. If slides are used, they should be provided in hard copy format if possible. If videos are shown, they should be captioned. Presenters are encouraged to make their presentation materials available to attendees after the conference.


To gain admission to the conference, please bring your printed EventBrite ticket and a photo ID. All minors must be accompanied by a registered adult.


Attire at the conference is business casual. Conference center rooms may be heavily air-conditioned, and attendees are advised to dress in layers. Comfortable walking shoes are also recommended.


Are you brand new to AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) or a pro? Saturday seminar topics are perfect for any attendee, no matter their experience with AAC. On Sunday, break-out sessions have been tailored to individual interests AND skill level. For example, in break out session one, there are three options: New to the boards? Check out Letter Board Essentials. If you are a fluent communicator, check out Letter Boards and the Law or Whole Body Movement.


Name badges will be issued to all registered attendees, regardless of registration type, and must be worn at all times to gain entrance to conference sessions. Badges are generated based upon the information you provide when registering via EventBrite.

Cameras, Photography, Photo Release, and Recording Policy

By registering for and attending Motormorphosis 2017, you give permission to NCC to use any photographs and video recordings of you and your dependents that are taken at the conference by NCC Board Members, official volunteers, and contractors. If you prefer to decline such permission, please do so in writing to no later than July 19, 2017.

Flash photography is specifically prohibited. Commercial use of photographs of attendees or presenters is prohibited unless written consent is given by the attendee.

Audio, video, and digital recordings, live streaming or broadcasting, and photography, whether for personal or commercial use, are all strictly prohibited during any presentation session unless consent from the presenter is granted or obtained prior to the start of the session. If the presenter does not explicitly state that you may record the session or event at the start of the presentation, assume that recording is not permitted. Individuals who do not comply with this policy will be asked to leave the session or event and to surrender their film or recording media. Under no circumstances may presentations be rebroadcast.

Cancellation and Transferability

Tickets are nonrefundable after June 1, 2017, but are transferrable before July 15 by writing to with the name and contact information of the transferee.

Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

Talking on cell phones is prohibited during all presentations. Cell phones should be placed in silent mode to avoid disruption. Mobile devices should be accompanied by earphones for personal use.


Individuals under age 18 are welcome to attend the conference at a discounted rate of $50, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Motormorphosis 2017 is unfortunately unable to provide respite or child care services.

Code of Conduct

NCC expects all conference presenters and attendees to respect each other and be courteous. Abusive, harassing, and threatening behavior will not be tolerated. Please report any abusive, insulting, intimidating, harassing, discriminatory, unsafe, and illegal incidents immediately to an NCC Board member or conference volunteer.

Comments and Feedback

Motormorphosis 2017 is our inaugural conference! Please provide feedback both during and after the conference on anything you think can be improved upon. Written feedback can be sent to Please look out for and complete the online survey NCC will send after the conference!


We are proud to host this conference at the Annandale Campus of the Northern Virginia Community College, 8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Virginia, Building CE. The Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center's mission is to provide the highest quality learning environment and support. Check out the full campus map here.

Conference Daily Updates/Program Agenda

The conference schedule is subject to change. Attendees will be notified of any changes to the schedule each morning of the conference. The conference schedule will be available in large print and on digital display at the registration table.

Emergency Procedures

An announcement will be made at the beginning of each day to notify participants of the location of the exits to be used in the case of fire or any other emergency.

Food and Beverages

Coffee and water will be available on-site for free. Soda vending machines are located on the first floor of the CE Building.

Lunch must be ordered in advance here. Jason’s Deli has worked carefully to provide a menu that should meet most dietary needs. Other food offerings at the conference will take account of those with a variety of food allergies and will be labeled for those with nut, dairy, and gluten allergies and intolerances. We encourage those participants with other types of allergies or dietary requirements to bring extra food just in case.

Instructions for Participating in Jason’s Deli Group Order:
1. Click on the link (day/last name letter group) enter in your name and click "Add to Group Order".
2. Select your items and add them to your Cart.
3. Once all of your items have been added to the cart, click “Checkout”.
4. Note* If paying separately, you will need to register an online account or login to an existing account, and add payment for your order.
5. Confirm that your order is correct and click “Add to Group Order”.
6. Finally, you should receive a confirmation page stating "Thank You for Your Order".


There are several great lodging options, none of which are in walking distance. Most offer amenities our community often requests like kitchenettes, suites, free breakfast, and pools. Here are a few options:

  • Residence Inn by Marriott - Merrifield
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton - Falls Church
  • Falls Church Marriott - Fairview Park

Lost and Found

NCC is not responsible for items lost during the conference. Found items brought to the registration table will be held for the remainder of the conference. All unclaimed items will be turned over to the Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center when the conference ends on Sunday.

Sensory Considerations

  • Motormorphosis 2017 aims to be a fragrance free environment. In consideration of attendees with sensitivities, please do not wear cologne or perfume.
  • NCC encourages the use of American Sign Language (ASL) applause or “flappause” in place of clapping.
  • Flash photography in and around the conference common areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Sensory friendly seating, spaced out along the back wall of the event to allow movement, will be made available to any attendees who desire this space. The main forum space offers room to move both indoors and outdoors.
  • A separate sensory break area will be available.
  • Transitions during the conference will be notified both visually and verbally by conference volunteers.

Session Changes and Cancellations

Presentations are subject to change due to cancellations or presenter changes. (Presenters who must cancel their session or substitute another presenter should send written notification to as soon as possible.) Please refer to the session information listed on, as the most up-to-date resource prior to the conference. Program agenda listing session changes, updates and cancellations will be available for attendees daily at the registration table. The agenda will be made available in large print format and digital display at the registration table.

Smoking and Tobacco Products

The use of cigarettes, cigars, water pipes, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vape pens is prohibited throughout the facility, including in outdoor common areas.

Social Media Policy

NCC encourages the use of social media and blogging at the conference as a way for attendees to summarize, highlight, and promote presentations, or share their thoughts on their experience in general, provided that photographs, video recordings, presentation content, and materials are not shared without the permission of the presenter. Presenters should be cited where appropriate. Please keep in mind that presenters hold the intellectual property rights and copyrights to their materials.

Training Credit and/or Confirmation of Attendance
Participation at Motormorphosis 2017 does not convey certification or endorsement of any method of alternative or augmentative communication. NCC will provide confirmation of attendance upon written request to


In general hotel, airfare, train and car rental rates are best obtained based on individual needs and preferred vendors. Onsite parking at the conference venue is included in your admission.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) offers bus service directly to the parking lot of the conference facility. Click here for more information on direct bus lines using the 29 C,G Annandale Line. WMATA also offers door to door directions using all forms of public transportation using Metro Trip Planner.