motormorphosis 2018

Motormorphosis Conference

July 27,28 2019

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NCC's vision is that nonspeaking individuals will have equitable and supported access to all aspects of lifelong education, employment, relationships, and community life.


NCC’s mission is to promote access and communication choice for nonspeaking individuals through education, research, and advocacy.


“Nonspeaking” is intended to describe individuals who cannot speak, or who are minimally or unreliably speaking.

  • To celebrate neurodiversity and respect individual differences;
  • To recognize communication as a fundamental human right;
  • To support the rights of nonspeaking individuals to meaningfully participate in all aspects of life;
  • To respect individual communication choices;
  • To recognize the importance of lifelong learning;
  • To recognize that best practice in communication evolves through input from nonspeaking individuals, experience, and research; and
  • To ensure nonspeaking individuals participate in the governance of the organization.

Since 1993

Motormorphosis Conference

Nonspeakers and their communication partners during a collaborative writing breakout session. July 21-23, 2017